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Aug 21, 2017

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How can I put this lightly?  The sooner you come to love nursing care plans, the easier your career as a nurse will be.

The relationship that most nurses have with care plans goes something like this:

  • What the hell is a care plan?
  • This seems easy!
  • Agh! Why do they keep telling me my diagnosis is wrong?
  • Screw it! I’ll just Google and copy some random care plan.
  • I’ll never do these again once a graduate.
  • Finally! I graduated . . . goodbye care plans.

But allow me to present an alternate reality to you.  There is an evolution that occurs in new grad nurses (I’ve seen it over and over again).  They come out of school bright eyed and excited to care for “real” patients.  They are “so glad” that they never have to do another care plan . . . This (stuff) get’s real.  They discover how hard being a nurse is . . .

After about 6 months they begin to get the hang of things . . . by a year . . . they’re really getting their own legs as a nurse.  They walk into a room and can assess the situation fully.  They can determine how a shift will go within a couple minutes.  They have a sixth sense about them . . . a nurses sense.