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Nursing Podcast by (NRSNG) (NCLEX® Prep for Nurses and Nursing Students)

Feb 6, 2024

Just 4 words saved her life . . . 


“You CAN do this”


In 2018 as a nursing student, Heather found herself in a very dark and lonely place.  But those 4 words brought her out of that darkness and gave her hope. 


I was there with Heather when a nursing student asked her, “Will I make it through this?”




Here is her response:


“You WILL make it through. 


When I got back from Iraq in 2008, I suffered from PTSD. 


And when I first found, I didn't think I was going to make it through. I felt like a failure, not only in nursing school, but in my life. My marriage was trash. I felt like a failure as a parent because I felt like I wasn't present. I had just failed med surg by 0.2%.


I was ready to kill myself. I was done. 


But hearing Jon and everybody else say that you can do it, it is going to be okay, and you will make it through, saved my life. saved my life in more ways than one. And I'm here and I graduated, you CAN do this.”