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Nursing Podcast by (NRSNG) (NCLEX® Prep for Nurses and Nursing Students)

Feb 13, 2024

My first job out of nursing school was in the Neuro ICU at a very large hospital in downtown Dallas.  


In this particular hospital, new ICU nurses complete a 13 week internship partnered with an experienced nurse (called a preceptor).  My preceptors name was Vanessa, she was the typical ICU nurse type - a hardcore, type A nurse.


She trained me well . . . but . . . those 13 weeks came to an end and it was time for me to be all on my own - no safety net to fall back on, no babysitter to make sure I did everything by the book - it was just ME. 


To be honest . . . I was terrified.


I wish I'd had a tool like


You CAN do this


Happy Nursing!