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Nursing Podcast by (NRSNG) (NCLEX® Prep for Nurses and Nursing Students)

Jan 24, 2024

During my first semester of nursing school my son was born and he had a couple issues that required him to stay in the hospital during his first couple weeks of life.
My wife and I were sleeping at the hospital. I would go to nursing school and then come back and be with him. But there was one night where we were extremely tired, and so we went down to the hospital cafeteria to get some food.
And when we came back a few minutes later after eating his nurse, her name was Tracy (I still remember her name 12 years later) was sitting there giving him a bath and cuddling him and keeping him warm.
And it was very clear with the way that she was taking care of him and working with him, that she cared very deeply about him, about his exact needs in that moment. And it was in that moment that I truly realized that everyone is going to have that one nurse that they remember forever. Here I am 12 years later, and I still remember her. I remember that moment. I remember the sense of walking in there and that comfort that I had, knowing that she was there with my son taking care of him.
You guys, this journey is not easy. And I know that maybe you haven't yet, but there's going to be a time in your career, whether that's in nursing school or whether it's as a nurse, that you're going to hit some kind of proverbial wall. You're going to feel like you can't keep going forward. But I want you guys to think about that.
Why? Think about those moments that you've had that have helped you see why you're doing this. And if you need to write that down, put it as a screensaver on your phone. Send yourself an email every now and then with your why. We need you. We need nurses who care. We need you to stay in the career field. We need you to work in the career field. You guys can do this. I know that there's moments when it all seems impossible, but you can do this and I know that you can do this, so stick with it.
Remember your why. Go out and be your best self today.
💙 Happy Nursing!