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Aug 16, 2022

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Hey guys!  I’m excited today to talk to you about a study tips that are for sure going to make you a successful nursing student and nurse!

So in this lesson I want to talk to you about where to start in regards to studying, a few of the do’s and don’ts of studying and different types of techniques or aids that may help you!

Ok guys so I just wanted to start off by saying our founder Jon Haws has an awesome blog entry called “How to slay nursing school: Forget study tips go for strategy” if you haven’t already read you definitely need to!  He gives fantastic tips for any nursing student when it comes to studying and that link has actually been attached to this lesson so check it out!  So actually here in this slide I have added a few of Jons tips to start us out!  Jon says and it makes perfect sense….have a battle plan meaning nursing school is very much like a battle and it’s not meant to be easy….if it was everyone would do it!  So right off the bat figure out how you are going to attack it by adopting study habits and a routine that will make you successful which we are going to talk about.  Another thing Jon says is “cut the clutter” meaning not every single thing you learn in nursing school is extremely important or it doesn’t really apply to real life nursing.  Jon suggests using the SSIP mnemonic for this – “Scan and sift”  meaning find the most important new information and throw out the redudant material.  “Import in intervals” meaning take your studying in small portions rather than huge chunks at a time which will help with retaining and comprehending.  After you continue to scan, sift, and import in intervals you  will  “pin it” or retain it and it will stay with you.  And remember whatever you are learning or studying we want to apply it to nursing because that in fact is your end goal.  Not only will it help you during your studies but also will help you pass your boards and most importantly to be a great nurse!